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What does being an independant cosmetic brand really means?

We are one of the very few cosmetic brands on the market that is completely independent. How? At Utopy, everything happens in-house, from the idea to the formulation of products to the handcrafted production in our own workshop. Today, we wanted to share how this independence makes our brand stand out and breaks the standards of the cosmetic industry.

Buying ready-made formulas

The simplest and most commonly used method for bringing a cosmetic product to the market is to turn to specialized production factories that offer all-in-one solutions. This means a catalog of products: solid shampoo, makeup remover, conditioner, soap, etc. All you have to do is choose the shape, scent, color, change one or two oils, and add your logo.

Why we think this sucks?

All these brands have the same formula. What you're buying is how it's sold - the packaging, marketing, and messaging. The price gap is also enormous, as these products can be sold for a few euros in supermarkets and much more expensive in large stores.

The advantages: This way of working allows for new products to be released quickly: special shampoo for oily hair, colored, blonde, multiple scents, special edition, etc. The verification of formulas and tracing of ingredients is also shorter because the formulas are already registered.

Why are we different?

The motivation behind Utopy was to create a product we can't found on the market, to explore healthier and gentler ingredients for the scalp, and to never compromise on the result on the hair. We first explored the laboratory route but quickly realized that this approach did not suit us. To innovate and maintain the exclusivity of our formula, we needed to break the chains and build something that made sense to us.

How do we create and manufacture our products?

This is why we opted to formulate and manufacture our products in-house. We rented a space and set up our laboratory and our own unique manufacturing process, which now allows us to produce our solid cream shampoos.

The pros

1. Our formula is unique in the market. 2. We have the freedom to select quality ingredients and work with small family businesses.

3. We are completely independent of large groups and laboratories.

The cons

1. Creating and validating a product takes more time.

2. Our production costs and raw materials are more expensive.

3. People and large groups come to us to try to steal our formula 😜 but we never give in!

Doing things with meaning is what matters to us. Offering innovative and natural hair products in a minimalist and sincere approach is what drives us.

Laurène et Victoria


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