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Utopy is the reflection of our common aspirations.

Laurène and Victoria are the founders of Utopy. They first met in high school and have been close friends for over a decade. Laurène is an interior designer and worked with the most prestigious French luxury brand. Victoria is a product designer and spent the last couple of years working in Los Angeles, a city she fell in love with. It’s between these two continents, separated by the ocean that Utopy was born.


As designers we’ve always been sensitive to beauty, fascinated by objects that tell a story. Our passion for beautiful things impacted our relationship to cosmetic products. For a long time we considered fancy luxury products as the reflection of high quality standards and honest values. After researching, we realize how harmful these products are to our health and the environment.


Since then, we've decided to only use clean ingredients coming from nature. That switch had such an incredible effect on the quality and beauty of our hair, we need to share this with the world. We believe design is a powerful engine for change. By designing a beautiful natural brand we could inspire more people to start using sustainable products that are really effective and better for their heath and the planet. Utopy is a manifesto to celebrate our connection with nature and a sustainable design.



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